Artist’s Background



Geetha has a Master’s Degree in Textile Designing from Madras University with a University Rank.
She has won various prizes in art and craft competitions at the school and Collegiate level in

After getting married she moved to the UAE and was a member of the Dubai International
Art Centre. She was an active member of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation and was exposed
to various Painting techniques like Oil Painting, Pastels, Water Color, Silk Painting and
Glass Painting. In 2005 and 2006, Geetha participated in the Camel Caravan and Falcon Public Art
projects in the UAE. The submitted designs were competitively chosen and the life-size colorfully
painted camels and falcons were displayed at various public places earning appreciation and

She moved  to Houston in mid-2006 and joined the Sugarland Area Artists Association (SLAA) in                 2006 and has been an active member . She has won various prizes in the Art shows conducted                             by SLAA  and has picked up new painting techniques by associating with the artists there. She                          joined the Sugarland Art Center and Gallery and has her studio there.

Geetha has been involved with many Charitable organizations and supported their causes
by donating paintings which were successfully auctioned. Organizations include Meenakshi
Temple (Houston), Sugarland Cultural Arts Foundation Founder’s Ball Gala, Indian
Doctor’s Association Annual Fund-raising Gala.


Held a Solo Featured Artist Show ‘Silk and Palette’ at the Sugarland Art Center and Gallery. The
Show was a success with attendance from a large and appreciative audience.


Raison D’Etre for Painting: I have enjoyed Art from a very early age. I love the creativity
that accompanies artistic abilities and the freedom of expression that it allows.
Experimenting with colors and using different media is what motivates me most. I also think
that there is a strong link between Art and Charitable causes and I try to make this happen
from my side whenever possible.